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The Fund aims at capital growth over the long term by investing in China A share companies that are listed on the Shanghai e Shenzhen stock exchanges. In the past, investing in those companies was restricted to Chinese citizens only, but they are now made available to international investors. Last year the MSCI has increased the exposure to China A Shares within the MSCI Emerging Markets Index e MSCI ACWI Index, therefore attracting a higher number of pension funds and institutional investors especially for the low correlation with other Chinese companies listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange.

The fund has delivered an annualised return of 21% in the past 5 years versus 4% of the respective index MSCI China A Onshore Total Return. The fund manages 9.2 Billion SGD and has performed 53.9% in 2020.

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The United Global Quality Growth Fund is designed to benefit from both positive and negative trending market environments to take advantage of changing market conditions. The Fund aims to generate attractive returns relative to the global equity market by focusing on high-quality, growth-oriented global companies that return excess capital to shareholders and trade at a discount to the market.

Since the inception of the Fund on 11 November 2016, it has delivered an annualised return of 14.9% outperforming the global equity market (represented by the MSCI All Country World Net Index) that saw an annualised return of 11.9%.

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The fund manages £23.2 Billion investing in selected quality companies on a global basis that can sustain a high return on operating capital employed. The businesses whose advantages are difficult to replicate, do not require high leverage, with a high degree of certainty of growth from reinvestment of their cash flows at high rates of return. The main sectors of investment are technology, healthcare and consumer, that are resilient to change.

The fund has consistently over performed its selected benchmark since inception in 2010 and it has delivered an annualised return of 18.2% outperforming the global equity market (represented by the MSCI World Net Index) that saw an annualised return of 11.9% in the same period of time.

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The Polar Capital Global Technology Fund aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation through investing in a globally-diversified portfolio of technology companies with a long track record of over performing its selected benchmark the Dow Jones Global Technology Index. The fund portfolio typically contains 60-85 equity positions.

Since inception in 2001, the fund has delivered an annualised return of 12.7% outperforming the respective global technology equity market benchmark performance of 10.5%.

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The information in this article is meant for general information purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Please consult your Financial Adviser before making any investment decisions. Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results. Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that the future performance of any specific investment, investment strategy, or product made reference to directly or indirectly in this newsletter (article), will be profitable, equal any corresponding indicated historical performance level(s), or be suitable for your portfolio.

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