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The Real Cost of Delaying

Following from my latest article where I mentioned about investing only $1500 per month, 50 dollars per day, the average cost of two pizza or a decent bottle of wine in Singapore, you can actually achieve a $1 Million over the next 20 years.

To reach this goal by yourself as an individual investor it is very hard because it requires discipline, cancelling emotions, high knowledge of financial markets and a personal advisor to help and guide you during the journey to achieve an average 10% annual growth.

However, if you delay because now is not the right time and there are many uncertainties in personal life and in the markets, as it is always the case, you would be losing the opportunity of starting compounding your interest.

Delaying your investment only by two years, it means that in 20 years’ time from today, with the same growth, you would be reaching $864,000 instead.

This means that the cost of delaying and procrastinating only 2 years is an incredible $221,383. 

It seems unreal but this is math again. We do not realise how quick time goes by, especially in this technology era, where time never seems to be enough to do everything that we would like to achieve.

Many readers already know those concepts but only a few are implementing it and preparing early and efficiently for their retirement.

Achieving your retirement goal or your dream home can be easy if you have a defined plan that help you to discipline your investment and get rid of the distractions and shortcut. 

Saving and investing, like diet and exercise, requires time and sacrifice in order to see the desired results.

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